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Turn Your Dealerships Service and Customer Waiting Areas into a Virtual Show Room with AutoLotTv!

Why AutoLotTv?
Instead of your customers watching day time talk shows or soap operas while waiting for their vehicles to be repaired, why not display your vehicle inventory and valuable coupons and sales incentives to generate more leads and sales? Just imagine a customer is waiting for their vehicle to be repaired and views a Special Lease Offer, or sees a coupon for an Oil Change, or better yet, sees a vehicle that peaks their interest. What greater way to turn loyal customers into repeat customers and increase customer retention.

What is AutoLotTv?
AutoLotTv is a revolutionary process that streams your dealerships inventory real-time on television sets within the dealerships service or customer waiting areas.

How does it work?
We provide the power supply, set-up the device and your inventory template. Using your dealerships Internet Wi-Fi connection, we stream your inventory seamlessly through your dealerships TVs. Set-up is simple! Our turn-key process will have your dealership advertising its inventory in no time at all! We even provide on-going worry-free maintenance!

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