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AutoLotManager offers its Inventory Module 4.01 to help dealers collect data and photos, create Window Stickers and Buyers Guides, and display new and/or used Inventory online. Clients can choose the control and savings of "Self-Service" or the convenience and professionalism of our "On The Lot" full service for collecting data and/or photos.

Our Website products focus on Inventory display, from "Listings Page" templates to complete dealer sites for independents, franchised dealers, or dealer groups. Video and Phone Tracking partnerships enhance lead generation and conversion rates.

Products & Services

ALM's Complete Version includes Inventory functionality and ties that database into a robust, easy to use, affordable CRM system. Automatically contact prospects with potential vehicle matches, compile relevant statistics for advertising and salespeople effectiveness, and follow up with past customers on a regular basis.

Our newest product, Autolot Auction allows dealers to electronically buy & sell wholesale vehicles and aged units at a fraction of the traditional auction fees. The result is better inventory management.

Lastly, our partnerships provide clients with new technologies and products designed to assist in marketing vehicles more efficiently, from lead generation, to follow up, to conversion rates.

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