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Data & Photo Collection

Selling vehicles online is more important and more competitive than ever!
AutoLotManager helps dealers simplify the selling process and best utilize their resources. AutoLotManager offers the flexibility of choosing between "self-service" and "full-service,” with packages ranging from 6 to 50 photos per vehicle.
Most of our dealers choose the convenience and professionalism of our "full service" Freedom Method. Our representatives enter data and photos, plus print and apply Window Stickers and FTC Buyers Guides. The combination of our highly trained, professional staff and our refined quality control process ensures that the job gets done right, on time, every time. Our field management reviews EVERY photo nightly before files are sent to third parties. Our office staff verifies the appearance of EVERY vehicle the following day on major sites, proactively following through on every discrepancy until resolved.
For some dealers, their Internet or Detail Department staff can utilize the "self-service" option of our Independent Method. Our easy-to-use software includes a customized VIN Decoder, up to 50 photo capacity (with batch uploading), and updates in real-time (3rd party feeds subject to delay). No special equipment is needed.
Either way, administration is easy with Quick Change Pricing, Retrieving Deleted/Sold Vehicles, Vehicle History, Automated Comment Builder, Full Reporting and other unique capabilities.
Aside from assisting dealers to choose the appropriate method of data entry and number of photos per vehicle; we also help dealers optimize results by consulting on lighting & equipment choices, comments and pricing strategies, and 3rd party lead generators.
Watch our interactive On-The-Lot, Full-Service Inventory Management process video and learn why AutoLotManager.Com is an industry leader and is the clear choice for your dealership's Full-Service Inventory Management needs.
Colorful, informative Window Stickers are included, and Buyers Guides comply with FTC regulations and default to dealers' warranty coverage. Appropriate Certified Stickers are available too.
Data feeds to popular third parties (such as,,, manufacturer sites, and others) are included. Custom feeds can also be set up and new Data Partners are being added regularly.
Special Features Include:
  • Vin-Decoder: Provides trim level, factory colors, standard features, available options, mileage ratings, model codes and warranty information.
  • Batch Photo Uploading: Our proprietary batch uploading software provides automatic web browser image resizing, saving valuable uploading time over traditional methods of resizing images.
  • Automated Dealer Limited Warranty information: Automatically populates dealer's warranty terms for Buyer's Guides.
  • Quick "Price Change": Add or change vehicle's prices without opening separate "edit" windows.
  • Retrieve Deleted Vehicles: Restore mistakenly deleted vehicles for 30 days from deletion.
  • Nightly Data Feeds: Inventory data and photos automatically sent to 3rd party websites.
  • Universal Comments Builder: Allows dealership personnel to add a universal comment for each vehicle entered in ALM.
  • Inventory Download: Allows dealership personnel to download dealership's inventory in Excel file format. Customization is available.
  • Vehicle History: Our software automatically logs all vehicle history and displays it real-time from the moment it gets added to the time it gets deleted!
  • Full Reporting: Our system compiles valuable data and statistics to make prudent merchandising, sales and inventory management decisions!
  • CarFax Certified Partner: Run your Carfax vehicle history reports directly through our inventory management software and generate CarFax window stickers.
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